New Install Keys V-Planner

For registered users: Generate additional keys for new program installs onto a new computer.

Each registration is limited to four(4) code & key sets per year on Windows / Linux / Mac registrations, and two(2) for Android / Pocket PC / Mobile registrations. When entering the install code, please ensure it is correct, as mistakes will also reduce your remaining sets.

Enter email address for this registration - details of new keys will be sent to this address only.


Enter the Program install code from the new V-Planner program (PC/Mac: select menu About, then shareware registration details, Android: select menu Registration).

eg. (11-22-33-44-AA-BB-CC-DD) show me



If you use an email filter, ensure it will accept this email from

To change the registered email address, visit address swap

Resend keys for lost keys and passwords of registered users.