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This registration and license fee, permits the user to load and run the MultiDeco-X1 onto the Liquivision X1 dive computer. There are no trial periods or test programs available. If you have purchased your X1 from Liquivision, or a retail store, then it came with a demo program only, and it will not dive. All users are required to pay the license fee below.
After payment, your license file and key is emailed out instantly. The MultiDeco-X1 firmware can be loaded onto the X1 right then and will be ready for diving in a few minutes. Each X1 device requires a separate license and key - these are not transferable. If your X1 is replaced, we will issue a replacement key set free.

All firmware updates to MultiDeco-X1 are free of charge to registered users, and the prior key set will prevail - no replacements required.

The install requires a Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with a USB port. A Mac with Paralells, or Bootcamp, and most VM's will work too.

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credit cards (11K)

Payments by any of these: IBAN (Euro), BACS (GBP), ACH (USD), PayPal, credit card, checks, fax, phone, mail, bank wire, etc.
  • Enter the "serial number" from the X1. Look under the wrist strap of the X1 - stamped into the X1 body.

    X1 serial number:  
          eg. (01234)

  • Select the currency for payment:


    Credit Card wire check

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Note All orders receive the registration details in an email upon purchase. Credit card, Paypal receive details instantly. Phone, check and mail type orders upon approval. Residents of EU countries will incur a VAT charge, and registered companies are exempt.

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