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Lost keys and passwords.

Email changes / updates.

Extra install / new keys for registered users. Each program install has a unique install code, and you are allowed 2 key sets to install a second copy to a laptop, etc. Generate new keys for each new install here.

Install code location? This sequence shows how to obtain the Install code from your copy of V-Planner.

Can't install / install fails 1. Close all running copies of V-Planner - try again.

Install to laptop / boat computer Copy the current install file (e.g vpln343.exe) to a floppy disk. Run this on the target computer. Record the Install code from that computer. Use the link above to create a key set to match.

No internet connection V-Planner does not require any internet connections to use or register. The net is linked up for your convenience only.

Email help support email address