Delphi / RAD Studio TIABSocket component & API

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API v9.76 (January 2020).

Note: The TWS and the API is all version controlled - you can connect any recent API version to any recent TWS - they all know how to talk to each other.

This component set is built to work with the Interactive Brokers TradeWorkStation API. It allows Delphi and RAD Studio/BCB programmers to build apps that send orders directly to the TWS. This TIABSocket component links directly to the socket to communicate with the TWS. There are no dll, ActiveX, .Net or DDE files required, and all socket messages & data processes instantly. This direct connection to the socket makes for a fast reliable interaction and response time. The component set also controls all interactions with the TWS, and includes sub components to manage order activity, portfolio and account details. The code looks and feels like any other Delphi component, and the syntax is similiar to existing standard component code. The complete source is included, along with a demo app and help file.

You get all source codes, help files, and a component set that handles all the TWS activity and oddities. And does it faster and better than any other connection method avialable.

Will work in a console app too - No VCL or other visual components required.

Tested, used and suitable for: Delphi 6, 7, and upwards through all XE versions including the latest (10), C++Builder (BCB), RAD Studio, programming environments. Also will compile and is tested to 64bit app OK, and is fully Unicode ready. (BCB - you will be compiling a pas unit into the VCL and linking that code into your app).

Purchase online ($79 USD) through ShareIt registration service - credit card, PayPal, EFT, etc.
Receive the file instantly. Purchase includes 6 months of updates & amendments to the component set as Interactive Brokers makes improvements in future API version releases.

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