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MultiDeco-X1 feature history

v5.13 Feb, 2013
  • Bookmarks repaired, minor updates
v5.12 Jun, 2012
  • Czech language, Checklist uploads, minor updates
v5.11 Jan, 2012
  • Added VPM-B + GFS, minor updates
v5.10 Feb, 2011
  • Patch for noisy pressure sensors in v5 devices.
v5.09 Dec, 2010
  • Repaired display error affecting certain configs
v5.08 Nov, 2010
  • X1 dive timing issue
  • Improved dive planning, added deco SAC
v5.07 Sep, 2010
  • v55 X1 hardware update
  • Other minor improvements
v5.06 Jul, 2010
  • Minor tidy up of some screens
v5.05 Mar, 2010
  • Improved X1 battery life
  • Improved X1 water sensor behaviour
v5.02 to 5.04 Feb, 2010
  • CNS time count down in review screen
  • Improved Dual presure sensor behaviour
  • Stopwatch in Bottom Timer
  • Improved X1 hardware controls
v5.01 Dec 22nd, 2009
  • Added Dutch and Norwegian languages
v5.00 Dec 10th, 2009
  • Initial release
MultiDeco-X1 builds on the success of V-Planner Live, and brings more deco choices and options to the diver and X1.

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