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Liquivision X1 attachment and the 64bit OS, or Mac OSX

Some users with Windows 64bit OS's will need to follow this below. Later model X1's shipped have the correct settings, and this will not be required. Also for Mac OSX, if you have an early X1 attachment, this procedure is needed too. A simple test will be if the drivers install without warnings, and the various intall and dive log programs operate OK.

When this update is complete, you can use your X1 components on all 32 and 64bit Windows OS's, and well as Mac OSX 10.5.x and higher.

Description: Some of the early attachments supplied by Liquivision use were configured for unique drivers. This needs to be updated to work on the Windows 64bit OS, or a Mac OSX driver set. This utility below will allow you to make the necessary changes.

But here is a catch - you need to perform this update using a 32bit Windows computer. It cannot be be done from a 64bit machine. You may need to borrow or use a computer that has a 32 bit Win 7, Vista, XP, or Windows 2000 OS to carry out this procedure! No keys are required, and any public computer will do.

  • 1/ Using a 32 bit OS, download this utility: flash_X1_attach.exe
  • 2/ Plug in the USB and Liquivision attachment.
  • 3/ If this computer has never used the attachment before, it will show the Hardware Wizard will popup. Install the drivers from the file location shown on the utility screen.
  • 4/ Press the "Update Now" button. This will update the identity of the attachment. After a successfull update, the "Update complete" will show. Note that if your attachment is already converted, it will also show Update complete.
  • 5/ The hardware wizard will popup again - use the same driver location as before.
  • 6/ The conversion job is complete.
  • 7/ Now return to the 64 bit OS and install the drivers for it there. MultiDeco-X1 and the Divelog manager will will provide and show the drivers to install.

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